Mohsin Abbas Haider wishes there was an NGO for men’s rights and here’s why it’s problematic

The actor made the statement after being accused of domestic violence

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: After facing domestic violence allegations from his wife Fatema Sohail, Mohsin Abbas first held a press conference in which he detailed shocking revelations that caused an uproar online whereby he suggested that his wife was using the “woman card” to make such claims. He has taken an even more shocking route this time, after being granted interim bail on Wednesday. He suggested in an interview after being released that he wishes there were NGOs in Pakistan that would cater to men’s rights and complained that NGOs only focus on women’s rights. In the interview, he continued to stand by his original claim against his wife that it is a pre-planned scene” and is an injustice for those women who are actual victims of domestic abuse“. 

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The actor has since dug himself into a deeper ditch as online users were quick to call him out on his problematic statement that they feel suggested that men have it equally as bad in terms of legislation and rights as compared to women. In addition, by claiming that men need an NGO as well, it is arguably demarcating the progress that women-led NGOs are making to cater to actual issues that women have to go through on a significantly larger scale than men.

The actor made his intentions behind wishing for an NGO for men clear by suggesting that men need to have a platform to be heard and have their concerns voiced. In a patriarchal society, especially in Pakistan, Twitter has not gone easy on him for trying to equate his situation with the ones that women face that require actual NGO intervention.


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