Voting today? Here’s a checklist on how to survive Election Day

From one concerned voter to another

KARACHI: It almost feels unreal. Did we really just complete five years of another democratic government and now on the verge of electing another? Damn. (Dekhte dekhte kaise itney barey hogaye hum? *wipes a tear*) Anyway, we hope you’re ready. Does anyone else have that weird feeling in their stomach too? The kind you get a day before an exam.

Well, to be fair, this is bigger than any exam we’ve had to appear. This is a job; this is a responsibility. No pressure. But we’re not here to make you more nervous than you already.

We’re here to make your life a little easier by jotting down a few things you should keep with you when you go out to vote tomorrow.

1. Carry your CNIC/Identity Card

This one is a must. Without your national identity card, you will not be allowed to vote. So, don’t forget this at all. Oh and just a side note: although polling stations will operate from 8am till 6pm, try going a little earlier before the station gets crowded.

2. Stay hydrated

Make sure you carry a bottle of water with you when you leave for the polling station. You’ll be there for some time, so stay hydrated.

3. Dress comfortably

Again, you’ll be there for quite some time so wear comfortable clothing.

4. Wear flats

You’ll thank us later. You can expect to find long queues so wear comfortable shoes either slippers or joggers. Whatever works.

5. Use sunblock

You may have to wait in a queue outside the polling station and it could get sunny. Better safe than sorry.

6. Get yourself inked

Done voting? Collect your reward and Instagram away!

7. Enjoy free stuff 

Once you’re done voting, check out all the places that are offering free stuff. And treat yourself.

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