Sarfraz’s viral yawn: a philanthropic act?

Skipper explains his take on the yawn that went viral

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Recently videos and images surfaced showing Sarfraz Ahmed yawning in the middle of the Pak-India game and the internet did not spare him with the trolling. The Pakistani cricket team captain, in a hilarious interview on Saturday, addressed the meme of him yawning that went viral on the internet.

He was defensive in his stance by clearing out that it’s no sin to yawn and continued to insinuate that it was rather in the line of philanthropy.

His saying is that the news and views that his yawn may have gained the press/those who shared the content must have created some form of income regulation and hence he is happy that he was able to come to their aid.

Following this interview, users have tweeted focusing their attention on his approach of the yawn.



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