Indian media reports country is taking back its tomatoes and this is how Pakistanis are dealing with it

War is not funny but the fifth generation on Twitter is

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Emotions are once again running high among Indians and Pakistanis ever since a suicide attack in the Pulwama district in Indian Occupied Kashmir took place on February 14. Jingoistic sentiments escalated when the Indian government threatened to attack Pakistan, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowing a “strong response”.

While a lot of unreasonable things were being said and reported in sections of the Indian press, perhaps the most absurd response to the heightened sense animosity towards Pakistan was when an Indian news outlet reported Indian farmers in Madhya Pradesh will no longer be exporting their tomatoes to Pakistan.

“We will not send our tomatoes to Pakistan because they eat our tomatoes and then kill our soldiers,” a farmer was reported as saying.

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Naturally, the Indian tamatar (tomatoes) broke the internet in Pakistan. This is how people coped with the possibility of living an Indian tamatar-free life:

The grand tamatar scheme

Ok this is rude… but hehe

Let’s play Tamatar Pubg

Subzical strike, anyone?

If Jinnah was alive today…

Opinion: When hyper-masculinity and hyper-nationalism meet

Solutions, solutions

But it wasn’t only the tamatar that got people’s creative juices flowing…

Goa calling


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Red lip is a mood


There is nothing funny about war. There a hundred issues that plague both the countries. But perhaps in these dark times, one cannot blame people for finding escape in some good ol’ tomato humour.

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