Indian ad teaches sons to lend a helping hand

Bollywood stars are also lauding the message that it's trying to send

By Shaheera Anwar

KARACHI: After the Gilette ad that targetted toxic masculinity and how men should take more responsibility of their actions, another one has surfaced. An Indian ad of washing detergent Ariel shows a mother picking up after her son, who seems to do no house chores. Not even cleaning his room up. And how many men do we know who don’t clean up their surroundings?

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During the ad, the mother receives a call from her daughter who tells her that she has been planning to quit her job because it’s getting too hard for her to manage the house as well. The mother then asks her if her husband can help to which she says that he does not know how to do household chores. The mother quickly realises that its because she too, doesn’t teach her son to clean up his mess.

The mother says, “We teach our daughters to stand up on their own feet, but we don’t teach our sons to lend a helping held.” Upon coming to the realisation that the sons need to be raised with equal responsibilities as girls, the mother teaches her son to wash his own messy clothes. Thankfully, the son understands and doesn’t rebel against his mother’s decision.

Bollywood stars Soha Ali Khan and Neha Dhupia – both of whom are mothers to adorable daughters – lauded the efforts made in the ad. Soha wrote, “While I am constantly thinking about the kind of mother I want to be, the #ShareTheLoad film by Ariel India is a reminder of the impact a balanced upbringing can have not just on my daughter, but the society at large. Inequality within households still exists, but it can also be rectified. As mothers, it is on us to take the first step to correct this approach today, so that our children can be equal partners tomorrow!”

Even Neha appreciated the thought-proviking ad and said, “#ShareTheLoad by Ariel India always strikes the right chord. As a new mom, I completely relate with it and want Mehr to grow up in a more equal society. I will do my bit to ensure I raise her in a balanced way. I urge mothers to rethink the values they’re teaching their sons and daughters, so they grow up to #ShareTheLoad.”

But it was not only the mothers who loved the ad. Neha’s husband, Angad Bedi also took to social media and expressed his feelings. He wrote, “A wonderful film ending with a thought-provoking question! Ariel India’s #ShareTheLoad. Yes, we need to raise our next generation in a more balanced way. As a son, husband and the latest addition to the list – a father, I take it up as my duty and do my bit for the benefit of our kids’ future, to raise my kids as believers and proponents of equality outside and inside of homes.”

Two years ago, Ariel India had released another ad, however, at that time, it was from a father’s perspective. The ad showed an old-age father visiting his daughter who seemed to work tirelessly around the house after getting back from work. Seeing her manage work and a family, the father was taken aback on how he raised her to be a princess but now she’s multitasking like a machine, while his son-in-law doesn’t budge. The father soon realises that like his daughter, his wife too managed the entire house by herself. Upon returning back home to his wife, he starts lending a hand by doing the laundry so that she has one less thing to worry about.

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