Young Love: 7 backhanded compliments you should beware of

"You're not like other girls ..." Why, what's wrong with other girls?

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Girls, if the guy you’re dating compliments you in one of the following ways then it’s time you dump his ass or keep your guard up. Well, could be the other way around as well to be honest but it’s more often men who come up with shit like this.

Backhanded compliments are those that may sound alright in the moment but if you actually ponder on them a little bit you’ll realise just how problematic they are.

1. “You’re not exactly everybody’s type … but you’re my type”

This one’s from an actual film. Can you believe it? The recent Netflix movie Sierra Burgess Is a Loser shows heartthrob Noah Centineo utters these words to the protagonist in an attempt to create an ‘awwww’ moment. But what was created was a truly ‘wtf’ moment.

Why am I not everyone’s type? And why are you doing me this honour of declaring ‘I’m your type?’ Joke’s on you.

2. “You’re not like the other girls”

Why is that supposed to be a good thing? Stop insulting my gender to compliment me.

3. “You’re really pretty for a fat girl”

Must we even get into why this is so problematic?

4. “You’re dark but you’re attractive”


5. “You’re like one of the guys”

IS that supposed to be a good thing?

6. “You look so much better in photos!”

Thanks, darling. So do you.

7. “You’re single because you’re too picky”

True. I’ll just start dating the first discarded cigarette smoking type of dumbass I find. Someone like you.

Be wary of these!

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