Can we please talk about how underrated Meera jee is?

We take a look at some epic tweets from the actress that show just how fab she is

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Meera jee is the most distinct celebrity in Pakistan. There, I said it. She truly stands out and has always been the centre of our attention for many, many years. In a sea of boring and politically correct celebs, Meera jee always speaks her mind, is super-confident, unapologetic and we love it. We skimmed through her Twitter feed to explain what we mean:

1. When she gave us confidence goals.

2. When she decided to roam the streets of Lahore with curlers in her hair

3. When she showed up to a red carpet looking like Trinity from The Matrix

4. When she reminded everyone that she will decide when to act with SRK. Not the other way around you plebs!

5. When she showed us that she’s a feminist

6. When she gave no explanation for this random close up

7. When she came up with this brilliant caption

8. When she dropped this truth bomb

9. When she took out the time to wish the royal couple

10. When she was just being Meera jee

Get it, girl.

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