Why desi families are obsessed with the royal family


KARACHI: The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is about to start any minute now at the Windsor Castle in England and everybody’s losing their shit.

Here’s why:

1. Colonial complex

Angrez chalay gaye, complex chor gaye.


2. Watching the royal wedding is cathartic

Desi parents secretly wish they could throw their kids a wedding as lavish as the royal wedding. And they do too by inviting a 1000 guests and pooling in their life’s savings. (Talk about bad financial decisions.)


3. Kate Middleton is the ideal bahu

And Meghan Markle is the opposite. So they’re excited to see how this pans out


4. The Queen gives major grandma vibes to us all

“Don’t you wish your grandma was royal like me?”


5. Desi moms want their daughters to be the next commoners to woo the prince

It’s as simple as that


6. Because secretly they all want to be royal

But the truth is they are all royally obsessed with the royals

Brb…streaming the royal wedding live!

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