Humaima Malick endures harassment while staying at hotel

The star took to twitter to accuse the hotel for negligence and breach of privacy

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Humaima Malick recently took to Twitter to reveal how she had to deal with harassment while staying at a posh hotel in Lahore. The star was staying at the Nishat Hotel when somebody stopped by her hotel room to slip his business card under the door. The said gentleman than proceeded to bombard the Arth 2 star with WhatsApp messages, asking if she would like to meet as he could hear her crying in her room.

Clearly angered with the interaction, in her messages to the alleged harasser, Malick implies that she eventually left the room because of the constant messages. However, the star blamed the hotel for ignoring her complaints and giving away information of what room she was staying in to other guests at the hotel.

She also believes that women from the entertainment industry are made targets of sexual harassment more often than women from other industries. “I can’t emphasize this enough as the number of times actresses, models, singers and performers are made the subjects of harassment. I can’t even keep count of the number of times business cards of men who I do not know have been slipped under the door of my hotel rooms at various well known and supposedly safe hotels,” implying that this isn’t the first time Malick has experienced something like this.

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