Kayseria comes under fire for inappropriate comments regarding sexual harassment against women

Waleed Zaman, creative director of the brand, was filmed saying 'we support harassment' at Teefa in Trouble's Lahore premiere

KARACHI: Teefa continues to be in trouble. After holding a demonstration against Teefa in Trouble star Ali Zafar in Karachi on two separate occasions, the film’s premiere and a promotional event held at KFC, protesters appeared at the Lahore premiere as well, chanting slogans and calling for a boycott of the film’s lead star, who also happens to be a producer of the film.

Unlike the Karachi protests, the demonstration in Lahore remained fairly peaceful and under control, as is visible by the live footage available on Twitter. Some protesters claimed to have been harassed by the guards. However, one incident sent social media buzzing with rage: the comments of the creative director of Kayseria, a fashion brand. While walking to the venue, Waleed Zaman said to the protesters: “We support sexual harassment of women.”

Kayseria on Sexual Harassment

Requesting Kayseria to please share their policy on sexual harassment. In the video below, the creative director of Kayseria chanted "I support sexual harassment of women!" Unfortunately, here is an example of a privileged and 'educated' man who has no qualms in enabling other harassers and turning a blind eye to the plight of all the victims for whom sexual harassment is a harsh, traumatizing reality that they must process on their own. We really want to know if this is the culture propagated within the company, which has many female workers.#BoycottTeefainTrouble #Shame

Posted by Girls at Dhabas on Friday, July 20, 2018

Naturally, Twitter exploded at this statement:

Since then, Zaman has released an apology, which is also being criticised for sounding insincere:

We have reached out to Kayseria for an official comment.

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