This might be the most relatable Altaf Hussain clip

MQM leader's recent narration of story involving vodka has given us some inspiration

Karachi: Muttahida Qaumi Movement Founder Altaf Hussain’s recent narration of story involving vodka and an Umrah-return has given us some inspiration.

Let’s just say many will be able to relate:

1. When you can’t handle a family wedding and its 12 functions anymore:

2. When someone asks you about how to save water:

3. When summer vacations have begun:

4. When the party is just not what you expected to be

5. When you’re a guest at someone’s house and they ask you about what you’d like to drink:

Chai ya cold drink?

6. When your friend asks you for advice after a broken heart:

7. After you’ve taken your final exam:

8. When your boss gives you a raise and you’re ready to celebrate:

9. When the finale your favourite tv show is not what you hoped for:

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