PCB under fire over omitting Imran Khan from celebratory video

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: If there is one thing Pakistanis will always have immense pride over, it is the fact that our cricket team won the World Cup back in 1992. From being the underdogs to hoisting the trophy, the driving force behind the memorable victory was none other than ousted (former) Prime Minister Imran Khan. But with the current political situation, it seems as though even the Pakistan Cricket Board would gladly omit the winning captain from their history. Naturally, cricket fans were not having any of it and many took to social media to call PCB out for not including Imran Khan in their new video.

On August 14, the PCB released a video in celebration of independence day which showed how far the country has come in the sport. From celebrating Javed Miandad’s infamous batting in the Asia Cup to the 1992 World Cup victory, the video also included more recent wins by both the men and women’s teams. However, what was missing from the video was Imran Khan.

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While the video shows the 1992 celebrations and despite the fact that Khan was the captain and the driving force behind the team, he is only shown in a brief frame and that too with his back towards the camera. The only clear shot we have of the winning captain is in the cover picture along with the other captains. It wasn’t long before fans also picked up on how PCB seemed to be following the political agenda against Imran Khan. And sports is the last place for politics. When the PCB was reached out in regards to the matter, they simply refused to comment. However, the nation had quite a bit to say.

While most of the cricket fraternity was quiet about the matter, two voices were loud and clear.  

It’s fair to say, the PCB didn’t achieve what they thought they would with their video!

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