Affan Waheed, Sonya Hussyn to star in historical biopic, Rafi

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: If there is one qualm local audiences have with the Pakistani film industry, it is that filmmakers don’t venture out of the box. Romantic comedies are a niche we have mastered and have regurgitated time and again. However, there seems to be good news lurking on the horizon. A historical biopic on the life of the renowned Pakistani nuclear physicist Dr. Rafi Muhammad Chaudhry is in the works! To make it even more exciting is that Sonya Hussyn and Affan Waheed will serve as main leads in the new movie!

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Titled Rafi -The Untold Story, the movie has been directed by Kamran Faiq. While it is unclear what role Sonya Hussyn will be playing in the new movie, we do know that Affan Waheed will be playing the man in question. Dr. Rafi Muhammad Chaudhry was a prominent Pakistani nuclear physicist whose works in the field inspired many. He worked alongside Abdus Salam and Ishrat Hussain Usmani in the research and development of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. While not a lot has been released about the movie, it is clear that it will be set in the 1940s and will track Pakistan’s turbulent history and the wars fought which led up to the development of our nuclear weapons.

Will we be getting our very own Pakistani-esque Oppenheimer? Only time will tell but it is fair to say we are excited to see what Sonya Hussyn and Affan Waheed will bring to the big screen in their new movie. In the meantime, we will wait anxiously for more details about the movie and a release date!

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