Why Chand Tara is worth watching

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Truth be told, we had little expectations from this year’s Ramadan specials. We pretty much knew what to expect and though the sole purpose of these month-long shows is to entertain us, many of them fall flat. Was there ever going to be another hit like Ishq Jalebi? That would make us laugh, relate and most importantly, not hate its characters? Turns out, Saima Akram Chaudhry had just the answer to our questions. Writing yet another hit Ramadan serial, here is why Chaudhry’s latest drama Chand Tara is worth watching.

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The writer-director duo strikes again

After the success of Chupke Chupke and Hum Tum, writer Saima Akram Chaudhry and director Danish Nawaz have joined forced again for drama serial Chand Tara. Having watched the previous dramas, one can completely trust their sense of humour, comic timing, and relatability of the drama which is sure to be appropriate for the whole family.

Nuclear vs extended families

Chand Tara very intelligently explores the differences between the two family systems, without downgrading either of them. Tara is the only daughter of a separated couple while Chand could not have any more people living in his house. The pros and cons of both systems are evident and audiences are able to understand why both protagonists wish to have the other person’s life.

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Danish Taimoor is finally playing a non-toxic character!

Most of us were tired of watching Taimoor play the same old toxic characters again and again. With Chand, the actor proves just how capable he is of playing a hero who is actually romantic while also nailing the comic requirements of the role.

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It addresses pregnancies in mid-40s

Like most of Saima Akram’s scripts, Chand Tara sets out to challenge certain biases and touch upon the unspoken. In the latest episode, it is revealed that Chand’s chaachi, who must be in her 40s, is pregnant. Immediately, the drama also mentions the risk attached to pregnancies at this age and the importance of family planning. Yet, Chand encourages his chaachi not to hide her pregnancy and not let it become a source of shame for the couple.

Representation of the younger generation

A girl who is into basketball, a boy who is a TikTok star, Chand who works from home as a software engineer, the drama rightly encapsulates all the professional possibilities that exist for the younger generation now, as opposed to a traditional office-based corporate job.

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