Celebrating SRK’s birthday with the official teaser for Pathaan

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It is never a dull day when we get to see the King of Bollywood back on screen. Over the past year, Shah Rukh Khan has promised fans quite an exciting new chapter with him including his new action movie called Pathaan. Sharing the screen with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, the first look promised fans a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan like never before and now that the official teaser is out, we couldn’t agree more! And what better day to release the teaser than on the King’s birthday?

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The premise for Shah Rukh Khan in Pathaan is simple. He was a spy who was caught by the enemies during his last mission and since then, has not been heard or seen. He was severely tortured and no one knows whether he made it out alive. But of course, he is alive and out for vengeance. And what better way to get vengeance than to break out of prison, complete with a couple of kicks and punches?

Then we’re introduced to Deepika Padukone. She is beautiful and also a force to be reckoned with, bringing down a couple of enemies whilst also trying to romance Pathaan. On the other hand is John Abraham who plays the villain to Shah Rukh Khan and Pathaan. Fueled with a whole lot of action sequences, fast moving vehicles and explosions.

Fans are naturally very excited to see the trio on screen. However, they will have to wait just a little while longer as the movie’s release date has been announced for January 25, 2023.

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