2 liner horror stories that will make your skin crawl

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: Story telling is an art and not an easy one either! It requires structure and a whole lot of details to make the readers be able to visualize what is in the author’s head. Horror stories are no different! Who doesn’t love a good horror story? They’re supposed to make your skin crawl, make you want to hide under the covers, too afraid to move or turn off the lights. And none of that is possible without proper details, right? Not necessarily. What if we were to tell you we can make your skin crawl and make you feel uncomfortable with horror stories that are just two lines long? Don’t believe us? Read on to find out! Readers beware, these stories aren’t for the faint hearted and should definitely not be read at night!

Monsters under the bed only exist in horror stories right?

The joyous sounds of laughter:

The car ride from hell:

Marriage horror stories:

A helpful hand:

Mirror mirror on the wall:

An unexpected guest:

The walls tell horror stories:

Feeling a bit uneasy after reading these stories? Too afraid to turn the lights off? Are you hearing unexplainable sounds from outside your door? Stay safe!

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