What to expect when you’re expecting

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: When a woman announces her pregnancy, the most talked about thing is usually how difficult labor is. Women will share all their horror birthing stories as though the more scared you will be, the more prepared you will be. However, no one prepares you for what to expect when you are expecting. Regular pregnancy symptoms end up seeming like a shock and you feel betrayed that your body is treating you unfairly. In order to avoid the element of surprise, we’ve made a guide on the symptoms you should expect to face during your pregnancy.

The First Trimester

Morning sickness is the one thing everyone associates with pregnancy. But contrary to what the name suggests, it does not just happen in the morning. Morning sickness plagues the expectant mother all day, everyday. Some women vomit while others stay nauseous all day long. Some swear that their morning sickness ended the day their fourth month and second trimester began, while others suffer all 9 months. Candy, gum, biscuits and or drinks work for some in quelling the queasiness so it is always worth a try.

Fatigue is something that all women feel during their first trimester pregnancy symptoms but it is not something talked about for some odd reason. It is very natural to feel tired and sleepy during the first trimester. It is your body adjusting to a major change!

The Second Trimester

Burst of energy following weeks of fatigue is very natural. Take this as an opportunity to get around your baby shopping or setting up the nursery. But the burst of energy might not last too long.

Aches are also pretty normal. As your body starts expanding to adjust to the life growing inside of you and to the extra weight, your back will ache, your feet will swell, you will have to deal with heartburn and your lungs will be pressed on. You will probably feel out of breath and will also feel full.

The baby bump is something every expectant mother looks forward to! Not only will the bump grow as the weeks pass, you will also feel your baby kick! You might put it off as gas but you will soon realize that the fluttery movement is your baby! Do not worry, as the weeks pass, the kicks and movement will become more intense and not something that can be missed!

pregnancy symptoms

Skin care is also important! Keep your belly moisturized in order to avoid stretchmarks!

The Third Trimester

As the baby continues to grow, it might start feeling a bit cramped. Your baby will be pushing against your bladder and so you will always feel like peeing. You might also not be able to get a good night’s sleep because you will be uncomfortable no matter what sleeping position you try.

pregnancy symptoms

Do not feel guilty if you are cranky. Between the loss of sleep, feeling cramped in your own body and the anxiousness as your due date approaches, it might seem like you are always in a bad mood.

Make sure to pack your hospital bag well before your due date because you never know when the baby decides to come!

*The article is based on the author’s own experiences and observations. Symptoms and their severity may vary from woman to woman.

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