Foodpanda hosts meetup with Karachi-based journalists

The aim of the meetup was to familiarize journalists with major verticals of Foodpanda including HomeChefs and Customer Operations.

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: E-commerce giant Foodpanda recently organized a meetup in their Karachi office with the aim to familiarize targeted journalists with the major verticals of Foodpanda. The two verticals in question were HomeChefs and Customer Operations, and the meetup answered all the questions one might have had related to these two aspects of the business.

The meetup was an eye-opener in terms of what customer demand in Pakistan is when it comes to food. A recent survey found that people in Pakistan have fewer food choices available despite the fact that the number of restaurants open is quite high. Even more so, around 88% of people prefer non-specialized food and the options for home-cooked meals are even less. That’s where Foodpanda stepped in and bridged the gap with HomeChefs. Keeping in mind how adverse the economic fallout was post the Covid-19 pandemic, Foodpanda launched their social empowerment initiative by giving financial empowerment to thousands of home-based cooks across the country.

Foodpanda currently has over 5000 registered HomeChefs on their panel who went through a series of stringent checks for hygeine, quality, safety, and packaging before being included on the panel. Currently, around 60% of the home chefs on the panel are female and through this vertical, thousands of women have gained financial empowerment working in the comfort of their own kitchens. They have the flexibility to choose their work hours and so they can manage their responsibilities while adding to their chef portfolio.


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The Foodpanda meet-up also tackled a very important conversation that customers often have and that is about their customer service. Through the vertical, they’re working on improving the customer experience with a much more equipped help center and an automated compensation system that is set in place to send out vouchers in case an order is delayed or canceled. And while their customers are important, so are their riders. The two go hand in hand and so the company has worked on providing better benefits for their riders which include insurance, credit fix, loyalty cards for their top riders, adjusting wallet (cash in hand) on the receipt of FIR in case of mugging incident, COVID-19 lost earning, and vaccine support bonus.

All of these adjustments are welcome changes for the company that has been going through some tough times with an increased amount of frustration from both customers and riders alike.

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