PKR 40 million sanctioned for Umer Sharif’s treatment

The funds granted by Sindh government include an air ambulance facility for the ailing artist

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Ever since news broke out about veteran artist, Umer Sharif, suffering from poor health, Pakistanis have been praying for his recovery and trying to help in whatever way they can with the latest help coming in from the government. The comedian had earlier appealed to the Prime Minister to help with his treatment and to the satisfaction of many, Sindh Government has now sanctioned Rs.40 million for his treatment.

According to Dawn, the decision was announced by Sindh Minister for Culture and Education Syed Sardar Ali Shah, Arts Council president Mohammad Ahmed Shah, administrator of Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab and Umer’s son Jawwad Umer in a press conference. The same reported Sardar Shah as having said, “We made all possible efforts to support our artists, but we did not want to hurt someone’s dignity by doing it publicly. Umer Sharif is a living legend and an asset of this country, and there is no substitute for him. We are all concerned for his health and praying for his health.”

Umer Sharif requires traveling to the US for his treatment and thus, an air ambulance has also been arranged for his travel. Murtaza Wahab earlier informed Pakistanis about visas being issued to the artist and his family.

Umer Sharif’s treatment in the US is likely to be performed by Dr. Syed Tariq Shahab, actor Reema Khan’s husband who had earlier offered to perform his surgery.

Sardar Shah has also promised that “We are in the process of issuing health cards to artists who need financial support for their treatment; this health card will have a compensation amount of Rs300,000 through which the artists will be able to get medical cover from any hospital.” If this is implemented, it will be a step forward for the local Government and showbiz industry.

For more latest news regarding Umer Sharif and his health, watch this space.

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