Yashma Gill on how women should be treated in Islam

"People do not want to go into the depth," she said. "They just want to see what is pleasing their own beliefs."

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Appearing recently in a powerful feminist teleplay Phaans, Yashma Gill won hearts by playing Hafsa, a woman initially against the victim, who soon becomes her biggest supporter upon uncovering the truth of the accused. In an interview with Fuschia Magazine, Gill addressed how Islam directs men to treat their fellow women.

In her interview, she urges the importance of treating women with respect because of just how Islam places importance on them. In her conversation, men being protectors and maintainers of women was not a factor for male supremacy for the Azmaish actor, but Yashma Gill looks at it as a responsibility on a man.

“If men have been given the position by Allah to be maintainers and protectors for women, it goes to show just how much Allah loves women, that he wants them to feel safe, protected, and provided for. Similar conditions also apply to women, that they must take care of their men as if it is “Jihad” – fight in the way of Allah,” she said. “However, Allah has put a condition in this case as well, which many people tend to forget. If you want a woman to care for you as though she was doing Jihad, then as a man you’ll have to create those circumstances and situations for her that you get to witness the angel inside of her. All of this is in the Quran. So you know, people don’t go in that depth. They just want to see what is pleasing their own [set of] beliefs. So this is my take on women’s rights.”

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