How Asma Shirazi inspired Sherry Rehman to write ‘Womansplaining’

During an interview, the author revealed how the idea was given to her by Shirazi at a seminar three years ago

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Politician Sherry Rehman recently released her book, Womansplaining, which is a compilation of stories from 22 women. Some names included in the book are Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Fifi Haroon, Nighat Dad, Rafia Zakaria and Hina Jilani. While the book is available online and in stores in different parts of the country, Sherry Rehman recently spoke with Asma Shirazi about what inspired her to compile the anthology. Turns out, the anchor inspired Rehman into telling stories of women.

During the interview, Rehman revealed how she had been present with Shirazi at a seminar three years ago where the Hudood Ordinance and other laws were being discussed. At the seminar, Rehman had factually corrected someone else regarding the history of our country and its women. Shirazi then suggested that Rehman tackle the issue of lack of knowledge amongst our citizens, especially with reference to all that women have done and struggled to achieve.

Hence, the book by Sherry Rehman is a compilation of stories of bravery of women who stood their ground to get their fundamental rights. Womansplaining translates into women narrating their own stories.

In another interview, the editor of the book reflected on how days like International Women’s Day and the Aurat March that are celebrated every year contribute towards feminism and women standing up for their rights. In order to connect these movements with those that have happened in the past, it is important to know of women’s role in history and to tie together these instances in order to form a stronger narrative. There is a need to lessen the gap in history and Womansplaining aims to be one such bridge in bringing together narratives from different women and different time periods.

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