Sherry Rehman releases new book called Womansplaining

The book navigates modernity, politics and activism.

KARACHI: Pakistani politician Sherry Rehman has released her new book titled “Womansplaining.” The book is described to navigate modernity, politics and activism and includes narratives from different women who are working in Pakistan and includes well known names such as Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and Nighat Dad.

Chinoy shared the news of the release of the book on Instagram where she wrote, “It is more important now than ever to amplify the voices of all those women who are working across Pakistan.” She called the book, ” an anthology that is a must read for academics, school and college students and it makes a compelling case about the state of women in this country.” Chinoy went on to thank Rehman for, “bringing these incredible voices together to create something that will outlive all of us.”

From the post that Chinoy shared it seems as though the book is divided into various chapters, each that touch upon different struggles that women have to face in Pakistan. Prominent women have contributed their expertise to the book. Nighat Dad and Shmyla Khan are both lawyers and have contributed to the book with a chapter titled “#Metoo: Women’s Rights and The Trials of The Digital World.” Another contributor to the book includes Rimmel Mohydin. Mohydin previously worked as a Head of Communications at Justice Project, and as an associate editor at Newsweek Pakistan and is known for her efforts towards human rights. Her chapter is called “Field Notes From The Aurat March: The Millenial Megaphone.”

Other topics that the book touches upon include the chapter by Sherry Rehman herself which is titled “The Parliament Percentage: Token or Substance?”  The book has hit stores in Lahore and Islamabad and is set to release in Karachi very soon.


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