Is it okay to ask moms-to-be the sex of their baby?

Makeup artist Kiran Khan doesn't think so.

By Aliya Zuberi

KARACHI: For many women, being pregnant is a beautiful journey. But for a Pakistani woman, being pregnant is also incredibly stressful. It’s the time in life when you’re being given unsolicited advice right, left and center. From what to eat and how to dress, everyone seems to have an opinion. However, there’s something worse than advice that pregnant women are forced to endure: intrusive questions. From questions about whether your conceived naturally, to how long it took you to get pregnant, to the sex of your baby, the worst part is that these questions come from strangers. And Kiran Khan, the makeup artist, has heard it all.


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Kiran Khan, a Karachi based makeup artist, who has over fifty thousand followers, recently announced that she was expecting her first child. However, she had to face her fair share of unsolicited comments. In a comment that she shared on her Instagram story, she talked about how “strangers, clients and people I met at salons, tell me I’m having a girl or a boy or guessing.” There are myths that the way you carry your bump indicates the gender of your child and so for someone to guess the gender means they spent an agonizingly long time analyzing your body to come to that conclusion and Kiran Khan could not have phrased it better, ” dude that’s so weird.”

Khan went on to say that if a couple hasn’t announced the sex of their child “then don’t bring it up or don’t give your opinion or guess when nobody has asked you.”

The makeup artist has a point. For a woman, her pregnancy is also a very delicate time in her life. Excitement and joy aside she constantly worries about keeping her child safe. A lot of what she’s going through isn’t something she wants to share with every single person, rather with just her inner circle. And that includes the sex of her child. As Khan said “gender say kya fark parta hai (what difference does knowing the gender make?” Rather, she asked that people should send prayers to the new mother’s way.

For a lot of women, being asked the sex isn’t what bothers them. It’s a natural question people have. The problem arises is when that question becomes an interrogation. It’s one thing to ask someone “hey do you know the sex of your child?” and it’s another to try to pry the information out of a parents especially when they aren’t offering you that piece of information.

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So a word of advice to our readers: next time you come across a pregnant woman, suppress the urge to be nosey. If they aren’t offering information about their baby, don’t pry.

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