Kareena Kapoor’s ‘Pregnancy Bible’ is out!

A mother of two, Kareena Kapoor pens a very personal account of her pregnancy with all her highs and lows in the book

KARACHI: Kareena Kapoor had been working on her book, Pregnancy Bible, for quite some time. One of her posts had teased its release, but fans did not know what exactly it was until today. Kareena Kapoor has officially released Pregnancy Bible.

“This has been quite the journey… both my pregnancies and writing my Pregnancy Bible. There were good days and bad days; some days I was raring to go to work and others where I struggled to get out of bed. This book is a very personal account of what I experienced both physically and emotionally through both my pregnancies,” she writes. She also adds that in a way, her book has been like her third child, from its conception to its birth today.

In her Instagram post, the actor is seen in a kitchen, and a clink of the oven is heard. “So what’s been baking?” she says before pulling out a tray from inside the oven and lifts her book from the tray. “This is what has been baking,” says Kareena Kapoor holding her book i.e., the Pregnancy Bible facing the camera.

In another post, she writes, “I can’t believe that I actually agreed to write this book… but here it is. We all have our own unique experiences as expectant mothers, but there are some similarities and with this book, I’m sharing my experiences and learnings, and hope that in some way this will help you on your journey towards motherhood. Carrying both my babies has been the most special time in my life, and I am excited to share the moments and memories with you.”

She then thanked her co-author, Aditi Shah Bhimjyani for helping her craft the book, as well as Rohan Shrestha for not only shooting the book cover but also capturing her baby’s first-ever photo.

Pregnancy Bible by Kareena Kapoor has been vetted and approved by FOGSI, India’s official body of gynecologists and obstetricians as well as experts like Rujuta Diwekar who is a renowned nutritionist, Dr. Sonali Gupta, Dr. Prabha Chandta of NIMHANS.

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