A Sang-e-Mar Mar trilogy is in the works

The drama was a huge success back in 2016 and fans are excited to see what the new sequels have in store

KARACHI: Back in 2016, Sang-e- Mar Mar was one of the most critically acclaimed dramas airing on Hum TV. The drama was directed by Saife Hassan and had a star studded cast which included Nauman Ijaz, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Paras Masroor, Uzma Hassan, Sania Saeed and Kubra Khan in leading roles. Set against the beautiful landscape of Swat Valley, Sang-e- Mar Mar told the story of love, lies, family and betrayal. The drama went on to bag several awards that year. Sang-e-Mar Mar was such a huge hit that now, 5 years after its release, a sequel and even a possible trilogy for the series has been announced.


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Director Saife Hasan recently announced that he has rounded up the cast once again to begin working on the Sang-e-Mar Mar sequel titled Sang-e-Mah. Although not a lot of details have been revealed about the project since its only in it’s initial stages, here is what we do know.


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Sang-e-Mah might have the same cast as its predecessor series, however, while the actors might be the same, their characters will be different. And not just that, it was revealed that the story line for the sequel will also be different. We’re not too sure how that will tie in with the new series being a sequel but fans will just have to wait and see how it pans out. It was also revealed that the sequel will fan out to make the series a trilogy with the name of the third season having been decided as Sang-e-Siyah.

Rumor also has it that we might see some new faces in the second season. Although unconfirmed, sources are stating that Hania Amir has been cast alongside Kubra Khan as a main lead. The production team is also reportedly in talks of getting Atif Aslam and/or Ahsan Khan to play the main male leads. Although for most part this is speculation, fan will eagerly wait for confirmation about these bits of information alongside any news of a release date.

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