Cancer warrior Nadia Jamil left in tears after being denied boarding

The actor was going home after successful cancer treatment until British Airways changed her plans.

KARACHI: Nadia Jamil is a name that needs no introduction. For years, fans have been rooting for her. Although at first, it was her acting, and more recently it has been her brave battle against cancer. The actor has been vocal about her condition, motivating many that are undergoing cancer treatment as well as plenty others surviving difficult health conditions and standing steadfast in the way of hardship. Recently, Nadia Jamil was detained at London’s Heathrow airport by British Airways, from where she recounted her ordeal via Twitter.

Stranded alone, Nadia Jamil told how she was asked for a certain document, which she initially could not find, but ultimately did. However, the staff told her “it is no use”, and she was asked to get off the plane. She tearfully filmed herself sitting all by herself, in a wheelchair she could not even push herself. “I came 2 the airport at 6.30 pm. 11 pm this is me. Drained, alone. I had informed the staff of my health. Why would they leave me like this? I kept speaking out for someone to help. Everyone ignored me. After offloading me, at least help me a little. Bad show,” she wrote.

Soon afterward, several celebrities and pages shared her video. She added how the day was supposed to be a big day for her

Nadia Jamil also revealed how aggressive the inflight crew was to her at British Airways. She fainted on her way and required help after being offboarded and detained alone at the airport.

“At one point my Aunt wanted to take a video of a British Airways staff speaking aggressively to us. Took my Aunt’s phone, forced her to delete even her own videos, he was so nervous about being exposed. Threatened to call the police,” stated Jamil, later adding that it is legal to record videos in a public place.

The actress added that she did not want special treatment for her condition and make an exception for her, however, a little humane attitude could have sufficed.

Asma Nabeel – the “warrior”, as I knew her

Replying to a tweet, she also added that her flight package also included a wheelchair service, but it was not provided to her.

Nadia Jamil had booked a flight for the 5th of July when she was headed home after successful cancer treatment. She was expected by her family, particularly her father and son, the latter’s birthday was today.

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