Veteran actor Anwar Iqbal passed away

The actor had been unwell for a while.

KARACHI: Famed actor Anwar Iqbal passed away earlier today as confirmed by a family member. Although the cause of death wasn’t revealed, fans were aware that the actor had been suffering from a chronic illness for quite some time. He had posted an update on his health last week saying, “I have been chronically ill for some time and have been getting the best treatment possible under the supervision of Karachi’s best board of doctors. My family and friends are all by my side. Allah has been ever so kind and I believe in his mercy and will keep on fighting.” He also went on to request privacy for himself and his family.

Anwar Iqbal will be remembered for his contribution to the Pakistani media industry. He rose to fame as an actor and director for his work on the popular drama series Shama which was a great hit with the audiences. From there on he starred in Naseem Hijazi’s drama Akhri Chattan and the list of memorable roles continued with Pul Siraat, Hina Ki Khushboo and Rista Anjana Se. Iqbal made his directorial debut in Ishq Pecha in 1984. His role in the Pakistani media industry was both as an actor and as a director and expanded from Urdu to Sindhi dramas as well. Iqbal also directed the first Balochi film calle Hammal O Mahganj and had also acted in the movie.

President Arts Council, Mohammad Ahmed Shah sent out his condolences via a press statement and said, “it is difficult to find such a great actor. He was a great artist, he played many memorable roles in Urdu and Sindhi dramas.”

Anwar Iqbal’s funeral prayers will take place after the Isha prayer tonight after which he will be laid to rest.

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