Bilal Abbas Khan says he has never wanted any masala news for himself

The actor has called out a publication for stirring up gossip for the sake of likes and traffic

KARACHI: Celebrities have called out media outlets and publications in the past for their media framing and choice of content they turn into news. Recently, Yasra Rizvi urged the media to frame stories pertaining to female celebrities in a way that does not take away the essence of their hard work and individuality as women. However, a more recent addition to that list of celebrities who have reinstated the responsibility news outlets hold is Bilal Abbas Khan. He has urged media outlets to respect their responsibility to provide their audiences with credible news and information.

The actor called out publications for being solely traffic-centric and generated by likes and number of views rather than authenticity. “I have generally ignored the media, but I think it’s high time that few platforms that call themselves ‘media’ need to understand that they have a certain responsibility of being credible towards the people they are writing about & the ‘news’ they publish for likes and traffic,” he wrote on Twitter.

Bilal Abbas Khan added another tweet to the thread where he made clear that his tweet is directed at a publication in particular. He stated that he wants to keep himself away from sensationalism, and would rather like that distance was maintained between him and such content. “You know who you are … and I request you to please stop  I have never wanted any masala news for myself toh mjhe toh dhoor he rakheinmeherbani (so keep me away from it…thank you),” he said.

On the work front, the O’rangreza actor continues to impress fans with performances like those in Cheekh, Pyar Ke Sadqay and the ongoing Dunk. We are eagerly awaiting the release of his upcoming film Khel Khel Mein that will see Bilal Abbas Khan opposite Sajal Aly and the news has fans excited.

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