Nadia Jamil raises voice for female gymnasts of Imkaan Khel Gymnastics

"Please share these words and help the young champions of Imkaan Khel Gymnastics get citizenship," she said.

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Nadia Jamil has one of the most resilient Pakistani celebrities of all time. From raising her voice against patriarchy, and demanding women be given the right to ownership of their own bodies, to bringing to national attention the plight of female gymnasts from Imkaan Khel Gymnastics – Nadia Jamil has been a voice for social justice and change in recent times. The latest news surrounding Nadia Jamil is her message regarding the neglect of citizenship rights of gymnasts from Imkaan Khel Gymnastics. She took to Twitter to bring UNICEF, Imran Khan, and the Government of Pakistan’s attention to the issue.


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“Hello. My name is Nadia Jamil. The girls of Imkaan Khel have been winning gold medals year after year in all the interschool competitions in Karachi. However, they cannot take part in national competitions or international competitions. They also do not have access to healthcare or education facilities,” she stated.

Elaborating on the issue, Jamil explained, “Because they are denied citizenship. Please raise a voice for the citizenship of the children, of the girls of Imkaan Khel Gymnastics not only so that they can prove their metal in national, and international competitions as well because they are truly, stupendously, astoundingly talented, brilliant gymnasts! But also so that they are allowed access to basic human rights like health and education”

She urged her followers to raise this concern by uploading a video for the girls. “Not giving them citizenship is a crime. Please let’s not be a part of this crime. Let’s raise a voice,” she concluded strongly.

To help increase the outreach, Nadia Jamil uploaded her message in both English and Urdu so more people can learn about the issue and take a stand for the gymnasts from Imkaan Khel Gymnastics.

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