NAPA secures award for contribution in “Heritage & Culture” at KHI Awards 2021

President and Founder of NAPA, Zia Mohyeddin lauds K-Electric's initiative of acknowledging contributions of different social service organizations in Karachi

KARACHI: Zia Mohyeddin is a name hardly unfamiliar to anyone associated with theatre or Pakistani cinema. A British Pakistani actor who appeared in British and Pakistani television and cinema, took part in numerous plays, contributed so greatly to theatre that he founded a globally acclaimed platform for theatre enthusiasts – NAPA. The place also has one of their theatres in his name, i.e. the actor has not only been known for his skills on stage, but also as a director, television broadcaster, voice-over artist, and producer.


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Currently the CEO of NAPA, Zia Mohyeddin received warm congratulations from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NAPA, Syed Jawaid Iqbal. He lauded him and the staff which includes the management team & the faculty of the National Academy of Performing Arts for their impeccable efforts in winning 1st prize in the “Heritage & Culture” category of Karachi Electric KHI Awards 2021.


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Over the past fifteen years, NAPA`s graduates have made a mark in almost every field of performing arts, standing out with their skills above all. Their presentations – dramatic and musical – have enlightened and entertained a wide range of appreciative audiences. Added to that, NAPA has always welcomed foreign collaborations with distinguished visiting international artists who have played a noteworthy role in bridging the gap between cultures, something we have Zia Mohyeddin to thank greatly for.

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