Government of Sindh enforces lockdown till April 15

The decision came as a result of a daily rise in Covid-19 cases

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: With over 2000 new cases reported within the last 24 hours, according to WHO, Pakistan gears up for yet another lockdown. With provinces lie Punjab putting forward clear instructions for a lockdown, Sindh is not too far behind.

A notice was recently issued by the Government of Sindh – Home Department. According to the notice, Sindh will be under lockdown until the 15th of April. The notice requires immediate effect and has been issued today, 15th of March 2021.

All commercial businesses are to function within the time window of 6 a.m till 10 pm. Amusement parks are to be closed by 6 pm and public, private sectors must ensure that at least 30% of their staff is working from home. Another imposition comes in the form of weddings. Indoor weddings have been banned and people are only allowed to have up to 300 guests for their wedding events. Weddings can take place in banquets with a modified ventilation system, however, all wedding events must conclude by 10 pm. No buffet system at wedding events is allowed either.

On the other hand, restaurants are allowed to operate but following strict SOPs and only as an outdoor space. No indoor dining is allowed.

Sindh government has also encouraged people to wear masks in order to limit transmission of the coronavirus.

The directives announced by the Sindh government are to be followed strictly as the compliance will help the government bring the spread of coronavirus under control until a significant amount of the population can be vaccinated against the disease.

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