Spotify’s mic drop moment in Pakistan

Spotify is now available for Pakistanis to stream through music for free

By Hareem Fatima

KARACHI: Music has always been a means of uniting nations, diffusing international borders, and celebrating art and culture. The world moves ahead, step by step as it progresses in the field of art. The same has been true for Pakistan, that in recent years launched a number of musical platforms like Velo Sound Station and Kashmir Beats. Pakistan has had its musical streaming platforms in the past such as Patari, but what we needed in today’s global village was an App that allows our musicians to easily connect with listeners all across the globe. Until now any app that allowed that to happen was paid. But then, enters Spotify.


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The App includes musicians from all across the globe, renowned as well as beginners seeking to gain recognition through the platform. Pakistani artists such as Abdullah Siddiqui and indie bands like Poor Rich Boy have their music up and running on Spotify Pakistan too.

All you need to do is sign up with an account, whether Google or Facebook and boom! You’re on Spotify! The app opens to a page where you can choose your favorite music artists, and explore new, similar ones too.

While Spotify is free in Pakistan, it generates revenue through ads. Hence, in order to have an ad-free experience with high-quality sound, users can also sign up for Spotify Premium packages.

Premium Individual:

This package includes 1 month of Premium for free, ad-free music, offline downloading and listening, and on-demand playback.

Premium Student:

Available for students at half the price as Premium Individual users. A pre-paid payment can also be done for the package.

Premium Duo:

Allows for two premium accounts. Includes an option of Duo-mix, where the two account holders can create a shared playlist.

Premium Family:

Allows for 6 premium accounts. Allows blocking explicit music. Offers the option of Family Mix: a shared music playlist.

Premium Pre-paid:

Allows users to choose a day, a week, or a month of Premium. The payment can be made via mobile and topped up whenever.


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Twitter has seized the moment to fangirl over the new release.


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