Vasay Chaudhry’s show ‘Ghabrana Nahi Hai’ to hit TV screens soon

The upcoming talk show will air on ARY Digital and will feature celebrities from the entertainment industry in witty and candid conversations

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: The phrase “Ghabrana Nahi Hai” (you don’t have to worry) gained extreme popularity amongst Pakistanis after it was first used by the current Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Now mostly used as an ironic expression, directors and creators have chosen to use the phrase for their projects as well. After Jamil Baig’s film titled Ghabrana Nahi Hai, Vasay Chaudhry has a talk show underway titled the same. The show will be aired on ARY Digital and the teasers hint towards it being a witty and entertaining conversation featuring some of Pakistan’s most famous celebrities.


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Vasay Chaudhry has already proven himself to be an entertaining host through his show ‘Mazaqrat’ on Dunia TV where he invites a combination of guests belonging to the entertainment industry as well as politicians. That show will continue to air too. However, whether the new show will stand out from the other talk shows which are available for audiences or not is a question yet to be answered.

In the recently released teasers, fans can spot some of their favourites including Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawwar, Ayesha Omar, Sohai Ali Abro and Humayun Saeed. Vasay Chaudhry has also promised to question the personalities regarding social media trolls, controversies and the latest trends. Let’s wait and see what he has on offer for us!

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