Deepika Padukone removes all posts from her social media, starts 2021 with a clean slate

The actor left her fans puzzled as she removed all of her Instagram posts and tweets on New Year's Eve

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: As people around the world celebrated New Year’s Eve and anxiously waited for 2021 to start, those who follow Deepika Padukone on Instagram were left rather confused. The actor who has 52 million followers on Instagram seems to have removed all of her posts. Whether she deleted or archived them is a mystery yet to be solved. Her tweets, too, have been removed.

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As fans speculated the reason behind her decision, Deepika Padukone uploaded an audio diary on her Instagram and Twitter. “Welcome to my audio diary, a record of my thoughts and feelings,” she could be heard saying. “2020 was a year of uncertainty but for me, it was also a year of gratitude and about being present.”


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Thinking of the future, Padukone wished for herself and everyone else to be blessed with good health and peace of mind. As the actor wished her followers a happy new year, she asked them, “what are you grateful for?”

It seems like Padukone has stepped into 2021 with a clean slate and a positive attitude. In 2020, Padukone was one of the Bollywood actors questioned for consuming drugs, a chain of inspections which were started after Sushant Singh passed away. Perhaps social media will allow Padukone to look forward to the new year and share her journey with her fans as well. How often will the actor be sharing her audio diary remains a question.

Deepika Padukone is also said to start shooting for her movie Pathan this month.

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