Hania Aamir opens up about being trolled

The actor highlighted the effect a person's words can have on others as she confesses to have broken down after receiving hateful comments

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Being a public figure means one has to make themselves available to all kinds of opinions and judgements. It’s simply a price that one has to pay for choosing to be in the spotlight. Internet trolls are a common way of directing hateful or rude comments towards celebrities. Hania Aamir, too, has opened up about being trolled and the way that it effects her. Sharing a picture of herself that she took after having cried over hateful comments, Hania taught her followers the power of words.

“This was me trying to get myself together after shedding two tears over three mean comments. Words are powerful,” she wrote. “They can create and destroy. Why use them to knock people down when you can use them to lift each other up. Being mean is easy and weak and projection of your own fears and insecurities. Being kind is beautiful; it is strength; let’s be beautiful and strong together. Use your words wisely.”

Hania Aamir has previously proven that she does have a sense of humour and does not get offended when fans joke or spread rumours about her. However, there is a fine line between being funny and being hurtful, which so many people often tend to cross. She has also previously addressed her insecurities. For Hania Aamir to share her experiences of being trolled comes across as a brave step and perhaps her message could teach people a thing or two about basic decency.

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