Today is Lazy Moms Day and we’re telling our mothers to take a break

This day, we want to tell mothers all around the world that they are appreciated

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Parenthood is definitely hard. Combine that with mothers being the primary caregivers to most children, and the stereotypes associated with motherhood. In South Asian communities, specially, mothers are largely responsible for looking after the kids and the house. Add a career to the list, and we have mothers working the second shift.

Stay at home moms, working mothers, single moms all share similar concerns and workloads while having very different lives. What they all do have in common is how amazing they are. This Lazy Moms’ Day, we want to tell mothers all around the world that they are appreciated.

You are enough

Juggling between any and every combination of a job, kids, house chores and your own needs can be draining for any mom. Feeling inadequate or not being good enough is a common emotion for mothers who are so used to giving their all. Perhaps we as children or partners do not remind moms frequently that they are enough. We might not always say it, but we mean it. Mothers, you are already doing a wonderful job at keeping the family and the house functional, you do not need to give more. Perhaps the only person who you do need to give more to is yourself.

You are not selfish

Taking one day, or even an hour out for yourself is not selfish. Your family can manage themselves for at least an hour. This Lazy Moms’ Day, try to take out an hour for yourself. Read your favourite book, take a bath, catch up with a friend or simply enjoy a quiet cup of tea.

You are not lazy

Just because you chose to dedicate a portion of the day towards yourself on Lazy Moms’ Day does not mean that you are actually lazy. Mom guilt can kick in pretty fast, and with so many chores lined up, it is hard not to think about all the work you could have done had you skipped washing your hair. Looking after yourself is as important as looking after everything else. Allow yourself to catch a breath without feeling guilty.

You are not alone

Being a mother can be overwhelming, specially for mothers with young kids, or first times moms. It is easy to feel like you are alone and the world will come crashing down if you make a tiny mistake. We wish that you have a partner who shares the load, a family that you can rely on, and friends who can share similar experiences. Your experiences may be unique but struggles of mothers around the globe can be similar. Do not be afraid to admit that you are struggling and reach out for help.

We see you

To the ones who have lost their children, or their mothers, we see you. To the women who are wishing for a child, we see you. To the ones who choose to adopt, and the ones who do not want children, we respect your decisions. You are all equally loved and appreciated. Like Beyonce said, you run the world!


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