5 healthy habits to keep even after quarantine

Lockdown may almost be over but your healthy routine doesn't have to be

By Farheen Abdullah

KARACHI: Quarantine came as a shock to most of us at first. After all, we were not used to living our lives without a plan, or being stuck in one space for an indefinite amount of time. We most definitely did not like the uncertainty that came with the spread of the pandemic.

However, a few days into isolation and humans were able to appreciate the positive side of having our lives put on hold. The small things which many of us did not pay attention to earlier, or ‘did not have the time’ to do, became easier for us to focus on.

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As the virus sees an eventual decline in Pakistan and the world slowly opens up (with all the precautions in place), here are some healthy habits that we should hold on to even after quarantine.

1. Eating home-made food

Perhaps the biggest disappointment following the lockdown came for the foodies, the ones who loved to eat out, or order in, or simply are not a fan of cooking. However, not only does cutting down on fast food help your body feel healthier and lighter, the act of cooking itself is grounding and activates our senses of smell, touch and taste. Remember the time we all jumped on the bandwagon to bake banana bread, which was simple yet delicious? Might be a good idea to hold on to that habit.

2. Being active

Contrary to the expectations of many that being stuck at home would make us more inactive, working or studying from home gave many a chance to reconnect with their bodies and even get some fresh air. Cycling became the new favourite hobby for many, specially since it allowed one to spend time with their friends in an open air setting. Homes were also turned into make-shift studios as more people started their journey towards yoga or exercise. And remember all the money we saved by not paying for gym memberships? If we can manage to dedicate 30 minutes of our day towards physical exercise even after schools or offices resume, it would be a win-win situation for all.

3. Self-care

Looking after one’s mental well-being is just as important as physical health. While the pandemic did become a cause for anxiety and stress for many, people found themselves living for beauty routines that brought them peace. Many of us learnt how to create face masks at home, paint our own nails, or even dye our own hair. Not to forget the fun that we had while trying new things! Make sure you do not leave these fun yet wholesome practices behind as life resumes at its previous pace.

4. Paying attention to our homes

Ever so often we get so consumed by our routines that we forget to pay attention to the place we literally live in: our homes. As most institutions slowly go back to operating from their premises, let us vow not to treat out homes like hotels where we only step in to sleep. Add scented candles, diffusers, more plants to enhance the comfort of your living space while also activating your own sense of smell and boosting your mood as you walk in after a tiring day outside.

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5. Being responsible

As we brace ourselves to go out into the world again, it is our responsibility to not only protect ourselves but also those around us. Keep reading about what is happening in the world before getting lost in your own bubble again. Check up on your friends and family who you so eagerly video called during quarantine. Practice social distancing and remember those who are still battling the virus or have lost their loved ones in the process. Not to forget, wash your hands and wear a mask!

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