Hira Mani says it’s “unusual to become a heroine with kids”

In a recent live interview, Hira Mani talks about self-love and body positivity, among other things

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: Currently making waves with a subtle yet impactful performance in drama serial Kashf, Hira Mani does not need any introduction. The actress, who is a mother of two, attracts controversies very easily. But what differentiates her from the rest is her confidence to be herself and she has no qualms about it. This was reflected once again in a recent live interview she had earlier today with Dubai based journalist, Arfa Shahid.

Speaking of self-confidence, Hira Mani shared that she never hesitated to walk the ramp or appear on a show even when she had gained weight after giving birth to a child. “I even hosted a show while I was pregnant,” she recalled. “Weight didn’t matter to me and I would credit our industry for that too. If you are good at your work, they don’t mind if you are overweight. However, our profession requires us to be fit so I try to take that into consideration. But losing and gaining weight is a part of our lives.”

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Hira informed that she has taken a lot of risks in life, both personally and professionally. Fortunately, she is content with what she has today. “Our problems are alike, whether one is a celebrity or not,” she admitted. “All you need is to love yourself, focus on your achievements and make the next day better than today. Inner peace is very essential and all of us have different ways to achieve that. Age and experiences have taught me that if we spread happiness, we will find happiness.”

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During the interview, Hira Mani also cleared the air around a statement she gave about Mani sometime ago. She was misunderstood when she said Mani wasn’t good looking or didn’t have a charming personality. All she meant was, she didn’t go after his look but his mind. “Mani was dark and skinny and did not have good dressing sense,” she reflected. “I was attracted to him for who he was not because how he looked. And he was comfortable in his skin. I have learnt self-love from Mani only.”

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