Mira Sethi and Malala Yousafzai just had a live conversation on Instagram

Among other things, Malala expressed her wish to be able to visit Swat soon

KARACHI: On July 23rd, Mira Sethi took to her Instagram to have a live chat with Malala Yousufzai, who has recently graduated from University of Oxford with a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics.

Yousafzai attended Lady Margaret Hall, the first women’s college at Oxford which started in 1878.  Yousafzai shared that Benazir Bhutto’s portraits are present at the college as well on account of her being an alumna.

While talking about the Oxford Union, Yousuafzai recalled listening to some amazing speakers like American director and writer J. J. Abrams and former prime minister of the UK, Theresa May. Attending talks by Pakistanis like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was also inspirational for her.

The conversation reached a lighter tone as the two women spoke about Yousafzai’s ‘old soul’ as she chose Plato, Newton, and Fatima Jinnah as her potential guests from history and also shared her love for old songs from the fifties and sixties.

Sethi went on to ask Yousafzai about her future plans now that she has graduated and already had her foundation and other educational projects going on for her. As a response, Yousafzai shared her love for travelling and meeting other girls all over the world. She specially enjoys crossing paths with inspirational women who have great stories to tell and then making their stories available for larger political and global audiences to hear. Malala Fund has been doing the same.

Talking about her hometown, Swat, Yousafzai expressed her wish to be able to visit the district soon. She specially talked about the natural beauty of the place and the kind and hospitable nature of its people.

When asked about the politicians she looks up to, Yousafzai commented that politicians are people who we can learn from, who teach us what to do and what not to do. She specially expressed her fascination with female leaders and the way that they rose to their responsibilities during the pandemic.

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