Another day, another talk show host disrespecting a woman on TV

PPP politician Palwasha Khan was at the receiving end of host Imran Riaz Khan's rant

KARACHI: A video clip has gone viral on Twitter in which PPP politician Palwasha Khan is at the receiving end of an anchor’s wrath.

The clip shows Palwasha Khan speaking to anchor Imran Khan before she gets interrupted by Imran, who goes on to disagree with her. He starts to speak about demanding accountability from Sindh government for it’s myriad of problems and incompetencies but then completely shuts Palwasha Khan out by speaking over her constantly.

To this Palwasha raises the point, “You’ve called me to the show and won’t even let me speak. Can’t I disagree with your point of view?”

The anchor then says, “Aap meray par charhai na karain,” before accusing of her of doing ‘badmaashi‘. While the viral clip itself is incomplete, therefore one cannot hear what preceded this heated argument, it is still clear that whatever conversation was ensuing was being done in a calm manner from Palwasha’s side before Imran Khan became emotional.

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Many senior journalists have come to speak in favour of Palwasha, pointing out that this is no way to speak to a guest on the show, and that this line of questioning and speaking cannot be considered journalism.

Many are also wondering if this incident is gendered and whether Imran Khan would have spoken to a man in the same manner.


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