Tips on how to beat this unbearable heat

Dress light, eat light, and other creative ways to stay cool

It’s June and Karachi feels like the pits of hell. Temperatures have soared to 34-35 degrees, but let’s be real it feels like 40 plus.

We’ve listed a few ways you can beat the heat and stay sane: 

1. Stay hydrated 

This is something everyone should know already. Staying hydrated is the best way to cool down your body and avoid a heat stroke. Keep those chilled bottles of chill water close by. 

2. Make a makeshift AC 

Speaking of chilled water bottles, those who do not have luxury of staying indoors in an air conditioned room can make use this simple trick: put a couple of chilled water bottles in front of a portable fan. The air from the fan will function like an AC but obviously not for too long.

3. Chilled moisturiser

Another neat trick is to put your moisturiser in the fridge and use it right before bed (or whenever you need to really). The cool cream will help relieve some of the heat. 

4. Ice pack + cubes

Ice packs will come in handy on a particularly hot day. Stick an ice pack on the nape of your neck to cool down your body temp. Alternatively you can rub some ice cubes on your wrists, which is also considered one of the best ways to cool down your body temperature. 

5. Avoid hot food

By hot we don’t just mean temperature but spice level too! You’ll notice that you sweat a lot more when you’re digging into some spicy nihari. Best to avoid overly spicy food. Stick to cold, light meals just as salads, cold broths and cold noodle dishes. This will also help you avoid standing in front of the stove because that’s just inhumane in this heat. 

6. Dress light 

Thank God for cotton shalwar kameez! They really are the best for this summer heat but since everyone is in lockdown and staying in, avoid wearing thick pyjamas and stick to cotton based home wear. Ladies, we know that for most of us, stepping out in shorts and tank tops is challenging unfortunately. Make use of those shorts you have stuffed in your closet or borrow your brother’s, dad’s or partner’s. Shorts for the win.



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