Kangana Ranaut puts Bollywood on blast over Sushant Singh’s death

Actress speaks about nepotism and media play in the industry

KARACHI: Kangana Ranaut is never afraid to speak up and call out people especially in India’s film industry. This time she called out Bollywood over the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who died from an apparent suicide on Sunday. 

In a video posted on Instagram, the actress addressed Sushant’s death as she spoke about nepotism and media play which is rampant in the industry, according to her.

She also called our people who are calling Sushant “weak” in the wake of his suicide. 

“How can a person who got admission in Stanford be weak?” She said. 

She went on to add that his previous posts suggest that he was begging for people to watch his movies, and claimed he said “I don’t have a godfather until his industry, I can be removed from it.” 

Kangana then stated that the best films and best directors do not get acknowledged while films like Gully Boy get awards. 

She went to ask why her films have been deemed as flops and why she has been targeted. “Why are there six cases against me? Why was I attempted to be jailed?” 

Kangana also called out “biased” journalists who wrote articles against people like Sushant that’s “he’s psychotic, neurotic, addicted”.

“You seem to find Sanjay Dutt’s addiction cute thought?” She added that the media tries to plant the seed of doubt in your brain and unfortunately, Sushant fell into their trap. 

She ended the video by asking who will write this history. 

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