Video of bullied Australian boy with dwarfism goes viral

The distressing clip has prompted an outpouring of support from celebrities and parents across the world

By Cutacut Editorial Team

People around the world rallying behind a nine-year-old Australian boy, whose mother posted a video of him crying after being bullied.

Yarraka Bayle posted the clip of her son, Quaden, in deep distress over being bullied at school for his dwarfism.

The clip shows Quaden saying he wants to end his life, as his mother pleads for people to educate themselves.

The video prompted an outpouring of support and #WeStandWithQuaden messages.

Celebrities including actor Hugh Jackman have spoken out. Many parents across the globe have shared videos of their children sending love and support to Quaden.

Quaden’s family, who are Aboriginal Australian, live in Queensland, according to the BBC.

“I’ve just picked my son up from school, witnessed a bullying episode, rang the principal, and I want people to know – parents, educators, teachers – this is the effect that bullying has,” Yaraka Bayle says in the video.

Go-Fund Me page set up by US comedian Brad Williams has raised almost $170,000 — and he’s using the money to send Bayles and his mother to Disneyland in California.

Here’s how everyone’s reacting to Quaden’s video:

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