First photos of Aasia Bibi in exile released ahead of autobiography launch

Aasia Bibi spent 8 years in jail over false blasphemy allegations and was released in 2018

By Cutacut Editorial Team

The first images of Aasia Bibi since her exile in Canada have been released ahead of the launch of her autobiography Free At Last.

The image shows a smiling Aasia Bibi with her co-author journalist Isabelle-Anne Tollet.

Aasia Bibi’s case became one of the most high profile case in the world after she was accused of blasphemy and spent eight years in prison before the verdict was overturned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 2018.

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She was in protective custody for months after her release, before Canada gave her asylum and she was reunited with her family. They are all believed to be living under assumed identities, at a secret location, according to The Guardian.

“You know my story from the media, perhaps you have tried to put yourself in my place to understand what I suffered,” Aasia Bibi was quoted saying in a press release announcing the new book. “But you are far from understanding my day to day existence in prison, or my new life, and that is why I tell you everything in this book,” she said, according to The Guardian.

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In 2009, Aasia Bibi was put in jail on grounds that she had committed blasphemy while working in a field in Nankana Sahab tehsil. A row between Aasia Bibi and three women ensued after they raised objections over her touching a bowl of water, saying she wasn’t allowed to as a non-Muslim. During the argument, the three women accused Aasia Bibi of making blasphemous comments.


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