5 easy AF resolutions you can adopt in 2020

Resolutions are difficult to stick by but not if they are super doable

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: It’s a new year, a new decade and time to make a difference. However, it’s important to stick to your commitments and in order to do so, why not take it easy this time? No promises of losing weight, quitting a bad habit that you know you won’t quit, or learning a new language.

This year, adopt some easy resolutions. We’ve made a list to get you started.

1. Check your posture

You can literally doing this while reading this. If you’re sitting, check if your head is leaning in and your back is hunched. If it is, oull your shoulder back and straighten your back. If you’re standing, become more aware of your feet and adjust your weight so it’s distributed evenly across both feet. It’ll take a while to fix your posture so you don’t have to always be conscious about it, but it will be truly worth it

2. Disconnect

We’re not saying join a monastery, throw your phone away and take a vow of silence but it’s important to keep yourself independent of your devices. Disconnect, at least during meal time. No scrolling through Twitter, or binge watching Netflix during dinner at least.

3. 15 minute rule

Set aside just 15 minutes a day to work on yourself. This could be 15 minutes of exercise, 15 minutes of meditation, 15 more minutes in bed, waking up 15 minutes earlier, or 15 more minutes in the hot shower! It’s not a lot but will make the world of a difference in the long run

4. The notebook

We’re not saying write a while novel this year, but carry a small notebook in your bag. Trust us, it’ll be helpful. You don’t need to be journaling 24/7, but jotting down ideas and thoughts at random times of the day may lead to the start of something new and exciting.

5. Almond butter

Your life is about to change if you haven’t tried almond butter yet. Almond butter is the perfect alternative for peanut butter, it is delicious and will have you craving for more. Also, it’s easily available in stores in Karachi. Check out Neco’s or Evergreen



See, easy as pie!

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