How to make 2020 your year

A list of things you can do to make 2020 a happy new year

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Let’s face it, 2019 seemed like a BIG mistake. However, one can learn from their mistakes and in order to not drown in disappointment by the end of 2020, we’ve compiled a very hopeful list that might help you make it your year!

1.  Set goals for yourself 

As dreary as that sounds, experts believe that setting goals really do help put them into practice. The process of planning means an anticipated action on that planning which can result in achieving that action. Setting goals has almost always led people to have a long-term vision for their life that has rewarded them with short-term motivation. Pablo Picasso famously stated,  “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

2. Take part in an important initiative for change 

Often times, I’ve heard people saying that they felt like the year was a “waste” or that they found it to be “useless” without realizing the potential that they hold to change that attitude. Feelings of fulfillment are easily generated after involving yourself in acts of kindness. Even though duty to those who are in need should not be fueled by a need for self-fulfillment, it is a product of the process that comes as a reward along with changing lives. We have compiled a list of NGO’s you can consider working with in the following year:

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3. Say bye to all the toxic things in your life 

Whether it’s toxic people, toxic work environments, toxic habits, toxic routines or toxic anything, it’s time to bid farewell. No positive progress can come if hindrances are allowed to exist in one’s life. For instance, if someone is constantly making you feel like you’re wrong about making life-altering decisions by telling you that you don’t have the capabilities for it and attempting to lower your confidence, it’s about time you either let that person know to take a few steps back or recognize what they are trying to do and make sure you make that decision anyway! The same applies to toxic behaviour. If you are doing something that is making you feel like you’re regressing, make the effort to transform that behaviour.

4.  Make time for hobbies/ interests 

People who have full-time jobs will probably laugh at this one, arguing that they don’t get time to eat properly let alone have time to pursue a hobby but where there’s a will there’s a way! Sometimes the best way to tame unnerving thoughts is to indulge in self-reflective practices such as finding something you enjoy doing and making the most out of that. It can be as simple as sharpening your creative skills by actively sketching/painting or agreeing to try out making food from new recipes if you love food. In the age of YouTube tutorials and digital libraries, the world is your oyster!

5. Heal your relationship with money 

Recently someone told me that the concept of being too ‘connected’ with money is one of the main reasons for stress. Hearing the word ‘bills’ can trigger some people into a paranoia that feels like their world is ending or that life is a hopeless struggle. Even though these responsibilities won’t go away, something that will is the way we perceive this stressor. Freeing oneself of the traditionally trained response to our finances that we tend to have is the first step to being more positive about the year. Reset your current money mindset by not allowing it to become the sole determinant of how successful your year is.


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