Eman Suleman makes wedding announcement and throws shade at Hamza Ali Abbasi

The model's hilarious announcement is far from conventional

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Eman Suleman has repeatedly won hearts due to her sense of humor, her activism for equal rights and her posts on social media. In particular, her Instagram captions have always divulged a chuckle or two from her audience.  However, the model has outdone herself with her most recent post, revealing what is supposed to be a significant chapter of one’s life – she’s getting married.

The 27-year old will be tying the knot with Syed Jamil Haider Rizvi. The model took to Instagram on Sunday to make the announcement. After reading the paragraph, many were seen scratching their heads as to what she was really trying to say. That being said, there was slight confusion as to whether Eman was joking or if she was actually revealing her plans to get married. Shortly after, messages of congratulations started rolling in to which she responded as well.

The announcement started off with the introduction “2 ganjus“, that almost immediately established the impression of the couple being two peas in a pod. The model recently decided to shave her hair and became one of the only models to ever carry her hair that short.

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The caption progressed into Eman taking jabs at the system of marriage in Pakistan where a live-in relationship is frowned upon so the couple is coerced into getting married, she wrote,  “Some people get married for themselves, because either they fall in love or because they’re lonely or maybe because of family pressure or to procreate, I’m getting married because I just want to make haraam halaal to please my rabb and my parents!! It’s the truth; our parents were like, tameez se shaadi karo tum dono, this isn’t amreeka.”

The hilarity didn’t end there, Eman was indirectly referring to actor Hamza Ali Abbasi’s marriage announcement that was apparently in the name of God and not in the name of love. The actor had previously made the claim that his now wife was just a platonic friend and his marriage to her was simply a religious favour. Eman said, “I want you to know that I am marrying my non platonic friend of 3 months (full GF BF nonsense). Allah reham karay hum dono per.”

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Eman Suleman, who has never been public about their relationship, was clearly struggling in sounding romantic and ended up adding just a tinge of rambling to express that, “Dheiskskqlqlqlqlsnbdbdehei. Why am I like this???” she added.

A clear announcement was finally made towards the end of the paragraph in the post, “Anyhow, so yah, Jamil and I are getting married. Looking forward to our time together. Until death or divorce do us part. Pray for us. Thank you. Is this a joke? Maybe. Great guy, 100/100 would recommend.”

We wish the two a happy and surely entertaining marriage!

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