A Joker sequel is in the pipeline

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix will be coming together to continue the story

By Cutacut Editorial Team

KARACHI: If you’re one of those people who have been comparing Heath Ledger’s performance to Joaquin Phoenix’s in the two Joker films, you have probably heard the following argument: One character was about the process of becoming Joker while the other was what he did when he fully became the eccentric face-painted villain. It’s not a fair comparison.

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However, it seems that the two performances will stand neck to neck as a sequel to Todd Phillip’s Joker is in the pipeline. This seemed inevitable, considering the film made over $1 billion, which is the highest that any R-rated film has ever made. Also, Phoenix’s performance is being lauded as Oscar-worthy and there’s a chance that he may even pick up an Oscar nod for it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Joker sequel is in the works with Todd Phillips in talks to return as director. Phoenix will be returning to play the role of Joker and we can only imagine where the story will go now, considering that the first film saw Phoenix reach the brink of madness where he starts to become this blood-thirsty villain out on the prowl for vengeance.

If you’re wondering what will become of Batman now, don’t worry. Writer-director Matt Reeves is returning with The Batman. Starring Robert Pattinson, this film is coming to theaters June 25, 2021.

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