Here’s a list of the coolest Pakistani electronic music artists

Beat the Monday blues with these tunes

By Maha Ali

KARACHI: Electronic music is making its way into the Pakistani music scene nowadays. With the advent of social media and SoundCloud there is an untapped world of electronic music artists that audiences should know of.  Each artist has an interesting diversity in sampling sounds and creating experimental nuances. The modern electronic tracks are typically paired with a soothing tempo that is not too rapid/upbeat, making it the perfect music to groove to at get-together, events or simply for listening to after a long day.

Needless to say, we’re so grateful for this rise in independent electro-artists in Pakistan. We’ve made a list of some of the best Pakistani electronic music producers that should be on your playlists:


Talal aka Lost Boy is a Lahori electronic producer who, in an interview with 6 AM stated that he believes that growing up in a country filled with great food, culture, diverse tunes and languages has helped him produce tracks that are beautifully diverse and intriguing to listen to. We love his experimental take on electronic music that include samples from older desi soundtracks. We are obsessed with each track that is more enchanting than the previous.


Pakistani artist Abeer Sheikh’s music is a groovy mix of eastern melodies that incorporate jungle vibes and organic rhythms. His podcast was most recently featured on Deep House Islamabad on SoundCloud.


Nadir’s music is unique in its own way. The techno impressionism that his recent podcast for For The People on SoundCloud was transporting in the sense that some listeners shared that they felt that music is an infinite space where one can lose themselves.


Saqib’s tracks are pure bliss as his tunes follow a slower track progression that bring focus to each and every sound he samples. His collaborative effort with Lost Boy titled Bathing In The Sunshine is soulful and indulging.

5. SAAD 

This Pakistani artist produces the most creative sounds that are different in each track. Not only is the music incredible but so is the artwork that he creates for each track! We’re in awe.


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