Coke Studio 2020 reveals its line-up for season 13

Rohail Hyatt is coming up with another season of Coke Studio with some of the best musicians of the country

By Cutacut Editorial Team

çKARACHI: Rohail Hyatt is a name which every millennial recognizes. He started off as a singer, and later on became the driving force behind the beloved Coke Studio. With Shamoon Ismail’s concert halted midway for violating SOPs Pakistanis had almost been convinced that the year 2020 was going to be a bad year for music. But we’ve been given some good news before this year is over: Coke Studio 2020 is coming soon.

A show like Coke Studio relies heavily on team effort and requires musicians to sit together and come up with good content. Apparently, the show had almost been canceled this year. However, a little window opened and thanks to Hyatt and technology, the show is finally happening.

Ready to celebrate music again during these trying times, when people might need it even more, the show has gone through some major budget cuts. This has resulted in season 13 being the shortest season of Coke Studio ever, as revealed by The Express Tribune. A total of 12 songs will be released over a span of a month and a half. While this might decrease the number of songs the audience of the show is normally used to, it still ensures each song goes a long way when it comes to revisits from its listeners. Speaking to The Express Tribune Rohail Hyatt revealed that Coke Studio 2020 will not be opening with a patriotic song. The show will also be avoiding any covers this time.

The audience is already eager to hear more originals.

Mannu the bassist is back on the show with Asad Ahmed in the house band. The show will soon be revealing a drummer who is all set to be included in the team and has come all the way from Turkey.

While the pandemic has caused havoc for nearly everything that was anticipated for 2020, the line-up of Coke Studio season 13 remains just as star-studded as it has always been. The season will go on-air by the end of November.

The line-up of musicians expected on Coke Studio season 13:

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Sanam Marvi
Meesha Shafi
Ali Noor
Mehdi Maloof
Umair Jaswal
Wajeeha Naqvi
Zara Madni
Saher Gul Khan
Ali Pervaiz Mehdi
Fariha Pervaiz
Shehroze Hussain

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